One man chewo

Creation 2015, new version in 2024.

Whimsical equestrian solo with a horse, a rider and a manager.

Duration: 40 minutes. The One Man Chewo is a burlesque and fanciful equestrian solo, or the Bolino Method, how to learn to ride a horse in one lesson!

When the star performer fails to appear for the show, Eddy Bolineau, an apprentice horseman, is forced in as his replacement. On short notice, Eddy learns to ride by the seat of his pants, improvising as the show goes on. With only rudimentary practice exercises under his belt, Eddy executes his wildest equestrian dreams in front of the crowd.

Eddy’s imagination has no limit. With the help of his horses, he becomes an apprentice horseman, a mediocre horse tamer and an unlikely knight.

Andjai one man chewo